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Here's what people are saying about Precious Paws...

Heather is simply the best! She has such a personal approach to taking care of our animals, and that's what makes her so perfect. I never have to worry about leaving town because I know I can trust her with our pets. She is very sweet and very caring, and I know my pets love her. Thank you Heather for everything you do for us!--Asel, Phoenix

Heather has been a blessing. We are so fortunate to have found her. She has always been there when we have needed her, even at the last  minute. I believe it has been a couple years now since she has been attending to and visiting with our pets. She is also excellent with special needs animals. Heather visits our 1 year old corgi, Indie, now on a daily basis so he does not get so lonely home alone while we are at work. Thank you Heather for loving our new pup Indie and thank you for caring for our late Tukker and Gracie. We appreciate you. There is no one I have found more loving and generous.  :) --Ann, Phoenix

I started using Heather 9 years ago when I had to be gone for a week. I had never left my dog that long, but she put me at ease once we met and I saw my dog was accepting of her presence (he's normally scared of strangers.)  I think the best thing I could say is that I completely trust her. She has a key to my house but, she's dependable, honest and I completely trust her with my dog. Thank you Heather for taking good care of Dusty! --Renae, Phoenix

Precious Paws is my go to pet sitter when I go out of town! Heather is reliable, trustworthy, and really good with my prickly kitty. She keeps me updated on how my little furball is doing while I am away and I know she is in good hands. I would definitely recommend Precious Paws to anyone in the area!-- Shannon, Phoenix

Heather is the best! My kitties love her and I love her. It's comforting to have my babies and my home looked after by her. Heather's service is wonderful and I highly recommend her to everyone I know!!--Laurel, Phoenix

Heather is amazing! Our puppies love her. She is always so available and sweet to our pups. Don't know what we would do without her! --Tara, Scottsdale

Heather is the best pet sitter we have ever had. To be able to leave your house and all of your animals so frequently can be extremely stressful and hard, but with Heather there, I know the animals are safe, happy, and getting fed and loved by her. She also takes care of any plants in the house, cleans up after the dogs or cats if they make a mess, and makes sure everything is perfect when you get home so that you can just relax and focus on giving your pets some well deserved attention! We will continue using Heather for all of our pet sitting needs and will be forever loyal to her! --Katie, Scottsdale


I had never used a pet sitter before last year and now I will never go without. Heather took care of my cats 4 times last year and was always available even on short notice. I feel so much better traveling knowing my babies are being well taken care of!!--Talisa, Phoenix

Heather did a terrific job. Besides taking care of my cat, she watered my plant. One thing I really liked about Heather and her service is that  she personally came to take care of my kitty. So I knew who would be in  charge of him and who would be inside my house while I was gone. My  kitty was well taken care of. She gave him food, fresh water and changed  his kitty litter. When I arrived home, he had food, water in his dish, and seemed happy and contented. The area around his litter box was also  clean and free of litter. She sent me a text while I was gone to give me an update and even included a picture of my kitty looking very cute. She left a detailed account on my kitchen table of how he did while we were gone. She even sent us a text after we got back to make sure that  we arrived safely and that Harley was OK. Now that's good service! I would recommend Heather to anyone. We will definitely use Heather again. --Judy, Cave Creek 


Heather, thank you so much for caring for our three furry family members. I am pleased with your services. I would definitely use your company again and highly recommend you to others. We really appreciate your help. --Jared, Phoenix

Heather is a great person, her attention to detail and care of our pets is amazing. I would highly recommend her to take care of your little furry children for any occasion.--Greg, Scottsdale 

Heather came out weeks before our trip to meet us, the cats and to get care instructions. We have a very playful cat so we had Heather come  twice a day to feed and play. Everything went without incident. We  received a few brief texts from Heather to let us know all was going  well. We were able to enjoy our trip without worrying about the cats. We returned to happy kitties, food was out, litter was cleaned and the hummingbirds had their nectar. --Mark, Cave Creek  

It was great meeting her and knowing that our pets would be taken care of by such a nice and caring person.  She fed and walked our dogs, and  kept us up on how they were doing.  It was real peace of mind knowing the house and the dogs where being watched while we were away. I would definitely use Heather again. --Greg, Scottsdale

Thank you for taking such good care of Brown! He was definitely much happier when I got home than he was in boarding!  --Christina, Phoenix

Precious Paws has provided me with peace of mind, whenever I leave town. I am confident that my pets will be carefully taken care of, when I am absent from home. I am also comforted by the fact that someone is monitoring my home, collecting my mail, and watering my plants. I highly recommend Precious Paws to provide pet-sitting services. I have never had to board my pets at a kennel or contact another pet-sitting company, as Precious Paws has always been available, when I needed their services. --Joanne, Phoenix


Hartford and I want to thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave our animals while we were on vacation. I particularly like the summary for each one of them. Thank you for everything you did to care for them. --Judy, Phoenix

Thanks for watching Sadie and Rocky and the house. We  appreciate you watering the plants too. It was real peace of mind knowing you were watching our animals. Thanks again. --Greg &  Cheryl, Scottsdale

Thanks for taking care of our kitties during our vacation! We really appreciate your services! --John & Karen, Scottsdale

We got back into town today. Thank you so much for taking care of our pets!! You did a really good job! --Heather, Scottsdale

Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of all of our kids. We appreciate very much your care and service, rest assured we will be calling you again! Our 2 day holiday was marvelous  & magical & you helped to facilitate that happening--thank you  again! --Linda, Cave Creek

Heather is an amazing pet sitter. She is professional, trustworthy, and responsible. I feel comfortable referring her service to anyone looking for a pet sitter in N. Scottsdale/ phoenix. She has covered clients for me before and did a wonderful job so I know first hand that shes wonderful!--Sarah, Scottsdale

Thanks for the years of taking good care of Tashee!! --Bob, Phoenix

Just a quick note to say thank you soooo much for looking after our babies Scarlett & Blue. We so appreciate you having taken such wonderful care of them. I will definitely give you a call when we travel again. --Linda, Cave Creek

The puppies are incredibly grateful and so am I! --Kim, Scottsdale

Thank you for taking care of the kitties! Still SO excited Katie took to you so quickly! --Jackie, Cave Creek

Thank you for taking such good care of Kia and Oliver! --Julie, Phoenix

Thanks for taking such good care of our kitties and fish! It was so nice of you to come at such short notice. Jason and I will give you a call again the next time we need a sitter! --Shannon,  Phoenix

I have been wanting to say thanks for all of your  help and always taking care of my kids, especially at such short notice.  If you need a reference, let me know! --Nicole, Phoenix

We appreciate you looking after our dogs this past weekend. Thanks again! --Sinead, Scottsdale

I wanted to thank you for taking care of our house and dogs!! It seemed like it worked out great. We were really happy and will definitely use your services again. --Andrea, Scottsdale

Thank you for staying with our dogs. We didn't worry at all-a nice change! --Nancy, Scottsdale

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our precious pets. I had a much better vacation knowing they were in your  care. I will without a doubt refer you to anyone who is looking for a  pet sitter. --Julie & Jim, Phoenix

Thank you so very much for helping me to have a relaxing vacation, and for giving my family an enjoyable time without  me. --Allison, Scottsdale

Just a quick note to thank you for your services. It was a good feeling enjoying some time away from home and work knowing our two dogs and home were in good hands with you. We will call on you  again and refer you to our friends. --Dawn, Scottsdale

The house looked great, like we never left. Thank you for doing such a great job with everything. We appreciate it so much. You have no idea how comforting it is knowing that while I'm away the  dogs are being taken good care of. Makes for a much better vacation!  --Kerry, Scottsdale

Thank you for everything!! Harley and Cleo never looked better. It is obvious you groomed them and took good care of  them. You have just made my life much easier knowing I have the  dependability and caring of Precious Paws! --Karen, Scottsdale

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our  doggies...and fish too! They looked so much more relaxed & happy  being able to stay in their own environment. Thank you!! --Christie,  Cave Creek

Thank you for taking good care of Beau! We really appreciate everything you did for him. --Kathy, Scottsdale

Thanks for taking such great care of our girls!! --Dave, Scottsdale

Thanks for taking such great care of the dogs and cleaning up their accidents! --Geoff, Scottsdale

Thank you so much! I feel good leaving my pups in your hands! --Glenda, Scottsdale

Thanks for all your help while we were away. I'm so  glad Kayla was good for you. We'll give you a call next time we go on  vacation. --Summer, Scottsdale

Thank you so much for taking such good care of the kitties! --Amy, Scottsdale

Thank you once again for looking after the house and the dogs. We greatly appreciate your services. --Ron, Phoenix

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our animals. --Jill, Scottsdale

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